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Reviews: Testimonials

“Robert has been such a blessing with doing my intros, outros, and drops for my radio show. I’ve had the opportunity to obtain his services twice. He was very professional and completed the projects in a timely manner. I get a lot of compliments on his work. I’m so glad that God gave me an opportunity to meet this young man, a true blessing from the Lord.”

Wendy of The Wendy Key Show

“It was a pleasure to have Robert be a part of My Big Day! I provided him with the songs for my wedding and he delivered them in a professional manner! Not to mention, I asked him to change songs with such short notice and he not only satisfied me but also the many guests who attended my wedding! He is Awesome!!”

Cierra Davis

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Rob LaRay on a variety of projects throughout the last four years, and each time he exceeds my expectations. 

Rob actually wrote and produced the entire soundtrack for my stage play entitled “Confessions.” He and I sat down and discussed the vibe I wanted for the show. He took my vision, the content, and context and created musical magic. It was such a hit that show attendees were begging to buy the playlist of his work that night.  

More recently, he wrote and produced the theme song for my upcoming Caroline Peatree Gibbs web series, and undoubtedly, didn’t disappoint. The song truly encapsulates the vision and the heart of my work. 

While I can vouch for his creativity and work ethic, I can also vouch for him as a man. Rob is just an innately good guy. He’s genuine and full of integrity, and it’s these qualities that only enhance the collaboration process. Because of who he is, I can say whole-heartedly that he’s going to do right in any collabo. He’s guaranteed to listen, offer his unique, creative insight, and work diligently to make sure you're satisfied. 

The entire work process is a joy, and the music will be sure to hit different!”

Lexcee Reel

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